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The Show

The Show

Experience a miraculous world of magic, mind reading, and hypnosis from


 world class ‘Astonishment Artist’ Mat LaVore.


Is it possible to change someone’s memories? Read minds? Predict the





future? Magic & Mystery showcases 90-minutes of the most spellbinding and

Witness LaVore swallow needles, hypnotize people to forget their own names, 






revolutionary magic and hypnosis ever performed on stage.









and even predict the future in this amazing showcase of mystery arts that is









 is guaranteed to leave even the most discerning audiences astonished.


Shakespeare Globe Theatre of London

"We see a lot of unexpected things at The Shakespeare Globe Theatre–– but Mat LaVore is REALLY amazing!"


AT&T Performing Arts Center

"A beautiful show. Everybody that came to Magic & Mystery loved it."

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 3.06.01 PM.png

FOX, Charlotte

"Mat LaVore is the real deal. You DEFINITELY want to check this guy out!"


Cirque du Soleil  Event Director

"Spellbinding. Exciting. Supernatural."

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Born in West Palm Beach, Mat LaVore grew up in a time of great mystery and illusion. He began experiencing magic at a young age, sitting in front of the television watching David Copperfield levitate over the Grand Canyon. LaVore was mesmerized by Copperfield’s feats and soon began seeking out any knowledge he could consume on the hidden world of magic.


As a boy, LaVore and his father would often visit Key West to marvel at the different street performers. On one such trip, LaVore noticed an older man standing in the middle of a large group of people. Being the curious type, he wiggled through the crowd to get a better look. In the old man’s hand were two wedding bands linked together, one inside the other. A man and a woman stood in the center with their mouth’s wide open. Noticing the wide-eyed boy, the old man placed the two rings in LaVore’s hands and said, “What the eyes can see, and what the ears can hear, the mind believes.”


That quote stuck with LaVore, and it changed the way he thought about magic, as well as the world. He later found out that it was actually Houdini who coined the phrase, but LaVore still gives credit to the old man with the linked wedding bands who changed his life.


After graduating, LaVore bought a one-way ticket overseas to work one-on-one with some of the best mentalists and hypnotists alive. After months of training and equipped with new knowledge, LaVore came back to the US and immediately began working on building a unique show that would blend magic, mentalism, and hypnosis.

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