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“Mat LaVore does REAL magic.”
Michigan State University

"Best show of its kind we have EVER had. FAR exceeded our expectations."

Central Michigan University

My name is Mat LaVore, and I’m a full-time professional entertainer. Combining my skills as a magician, mind reader, and hypnotist, I specialize in helping Universities and colleges create memorable and successful events. Your students will experience an unparalleled magic, mind reading, and hypnosis show they will be telling their friends and family about for years to come!

Give me a call at 561-818-0591 to discuss how I can help your school put on a fun and successful event!

What do you get when working with Mat LaVore?

High-End Magic, Mind Reading, and Hypnosis

Whether you have a small group gathered in a lounge, or hundreds of people in a large theatre, your students will experience magic that looks like magic, and mind reading that everyone will swear is the real thing.


As well, the audience will experience demonstrations of real mystifying hypnosis. Mat LaVore doesn’t perform cheesy tricks. He amazes with sophisticated visual magic, mind reading, and hypnosis for the most discerning college audiences.

Premium Blend Entertainment

When you hire Mat LaVore, you’re not limiting yourself to a performer with only one set of skills for entertaining people.


Mat LaVore blends the skills of the magician, the mind reader, and the hypnotist into a unique and entertaining show that is sure to capture the attention and imagination of the entire audience.

Highly Interactive Show

Mat LaVore will give every member of the audience an experience!  


The audience doesn’t just watch the show—they are a part of it from beginning to end.

All-Inclusive Price... No Surprises or Catches

No extra fees or add-ons! One all-inclusive price and the show is booked!

No Travel, No Hotel

Mat takes care of everything on his end, making your job easier.

Simple Tech Rider

Mat’s show is versatile and easily adaptable to any stage, making the set-up simple on your end.

Easy, Hassle-Free Booking

Mat will make sure you’re comfortable with every step in the process, which starts with an easy, hassle-free contract. From booking to follow-up, you’ll be happy. Mat will arrive early to your event, start on time, and deliver a great performance. You might have a lot of things on your mind the day of the event, but worrying about the entertainment won’t be one of them.

BONUS Strolling Performance to Promote Show on Campus

Mat wants your event to be a success! Before the stage show starts, Mat will perform close-up strolling magic, mentalism, and hypnosis on campus to get students excited about the show!

The Show

Mat LaVore has gained a reputation for providing engaging, high-impact magic, mind reading, and hypnosis that can be customized for a variety of venues and occasions.


Mat can perform his show anywhere on your campus; auditorium, all-purpose room, lounge, etc…  


The show is extremely interactive, and is designed for college audiences of all sizes!  


In the course of one performance your audience will witness LaVore swallow needles, hypnotize audience members to forget their own names, subliminally implant information into someone’s mind, figure out the name of a person someone is just thinking about, and even predict the lottery––all under impossible test conditions.  


And before the stage show starts, Mat will promote the event on campus with a bonus strolling performance, performing close-up intimate miracles for students in the common areas, dining halls, lounges, etc. This always helps ensure a great turnout for your event!  


From all too real mind reading, to impossible physical and mental stunts, to mystifying hypnosis demonstrations, Mat LaVore’s University show delivers an unparalleled magic and hypnosis experience guaranteed to leave even the most discerning college audiences astonished.


"Mind-blowing! For real! Our brains are splattered all over the back wall!"

~Ferris State University

“Best show we’ve had all year. Best turnout for any event all year as well. We definitely want to have you back!”
~Merrimack College


“Mat was a HUGE hit with our students! They’re STILL talking about him!”
~DePaul University

"Best Welcome Week performer we've ever had."

~University of Evansville


“INSANELY entertaining! You’ll forget what is real and what is not!”
~University of La Verne


“If you want someone who will REALLY blow your mind, have Mat LaVore come out to your University.”
~Johnson C. Smith University


“Mat LaVore does REAL magic.”
~Michigan State University

"Best show of its kind we have ever had. FAR exceeded our expectations."

~Central Michigan University


“The crowd doubled in size during the show because people passing by were so amazed! So entertaining! People talked about Mat for weeks afterwards!”
~Ursinus College


“You really should be charging a lot more for your show.”
~Saint Anselm College


“Phenomenal show. Best hypnosis show we’ve ever had. The students were jumping out of their seats!”
~Frostburg State University


“All throughout the show everyone kept saying ‘No! No! That’s not possible! That’s crazy!’ Thank you for entertaining us and inspiring us! Come back soon! We LOVED having you!”
~Dixie State University


“Even shows in Las Vegas don’t hold a candle to Mat’s show. BEST program we’ve had in our 15 years.”
~College Store Association of North Carolina


“Mat LaVore blew everyone’s minds! ”
~Fairfield State University


“You’re a rock star. Incredible show!”
~Penn State Berks


“We’ve NEVER had our students go that CRAZY for a show before. HUGE turnout for Mat LaVore’s show! One of the absolute best events we’ve EVER had.”
~Mount Ida College


“Hiring Mat LaVore is a no brainer. The show was amazing! We had a HUGE turnout! And the audience LOVED Mat!”
~University of Wisconsin – Platteville


“Mat LaVore will no doubt leave EVERYONE in awe.”
~Wofford College


“From the moment he steps on stage, Mat LaVore is fully engaged with the audience. Everyone was on the edge of their seats the entire time, trying their best not to blink because they were afraid they’d miss something incredible. Absolutely phenomenal show. Mat LaVore is the real deal, and you need to book him ASAP before his schedule fills up!”
~University of Delaware


“Mat LaVore was DEFINITELY worth it. We’ve been to NACA and seen tons of magicians, but THIS was totally different! Mat LaVore is AMAZING! ”
~Texas A&M University


“Holy s#!t!! ”
~Lindenwood University


“This is real magic! Seriously––did you go to Hogwarts?!”
~University of Illinois – Springfield


“The BEST way to start the year! How are we going to top this?!! ”
~Centenary College

Mat LaVore specializes in college entertainment that is ideal for: 


Family Weekend


Special Events


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