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Make your next event a HUGE success!

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My name is Mat LaVore, and I’m a full-time professional entertainer. Combining my skills as a magician, mind reader, and hypnotist, I specialize in helping companies create memorable and successful events.


Whether you’re looking to engage guests at your event with some strolling magic and mentalism, or you need a feature headliner to close your event with a big bang with an unforgettable magic, mentalism, and hypnosis stage show, your guests and attendees will experience a show they will be telling their friends and family about for years to come.


I have a program that is guaranteed to be the hit of your event. Please give me a call at 561-818-0591 to discuss how I can help make your event fun and successful!


What do you get when you work with Mat LaVore?


High-End Magic, Mind Reading, & Hypnosis

Whether you have a small group in a boardroom, or hundreds of people in a large banquet room, your guests and attendees will experience magic that looks like magic, and mind reading that everyone will swear is the real thing. As well, the audience will experience demonstrations of real mystifying hypnosis. Mat LaVore doesn’t perform cheesy tricks. He amazes with sophisticated visual magic, mind reading, and hypnosis for the most discerning audiences.

Premium Blend Entertainment

When you hire Mat LaVore, you’re not limiting yourself to a performer with only one set of skills for entertaining people. Mat LaVore blends the skills of the magician, the mind reader, and the hypnotist into a unique and entertaining show that is sure to capture the attention and imagination of the entire audience.


Clean & Safe Content

You don’t need to worry about any off-color humor or embarrassing moments for anyone on stage. Mat LaVore provides a clean show and is always respectful of his audience. All audience members can let go and enjoy engaging in the show without any worry of embarrassment.  


Highly Interactive Show

Mat LaVore will give every member of the audience an experience! The audience doesn’t just watch the show—they are a part of it from beginning to end.  


Doing Business With Mat is Easy

Mat will make sure you’re comfortable with every step in the process. From booking to follow-up you’ll be happy. Mat will arrive early to your event, start on time, and deliver a great performance. You might have a lot of things on your mind the day of your event, but worrying about the entertainment won’t be one of them.


What kinds of shows are available?

Strolling Entertainment


Mat LaVore has gained a reputation for providing engaging, high-impact close-up magic, mind reading, and hypnosis that can be customized for a variety of venues and audiences.  


This is perfect for corporate events where everyone is mingling with each other and you need a performer to walk amongst the guests to perform intimate miracles.


If you’re having an event like a cocktail party, and you’re really looking to create a big impression, then strolling entertainment is perfect. Mat will mingle with guests and perform close-up magic, mind reading, and hypnosis —the most intimate forms of the arts.


If you want to impress everyone at your corporate event, this is the type of performance for which you want to hire Mat.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.10.59

Stage Presentation


If you’re having a formal corporate event, and need a stage performer that is going to leave your audience truly astonished, then this is the best option.


The show is extremely interactive, and is designed for large corporate audiences.


Mat LaVore will astound your audience with a show comprising magic, hypnosis, and mind games that people will not stop talking about. What your audience thinks of as reality will change dramatically during his show.


Whether you are looking for a thirty-minute cabaret to kick-start the evening, or a full on onehour show, Mat LaVore – Astonishment Artist, will deliver.

Strolling Entertainment & Stage Presentation

Can you get both a stage presentation and strolling entertainment? Of course!


If you’re hosting an event where everyone will be coming in one-by-one, then you can have Mat mingle with guests and perform close-up magic, mind reading, and hypnosis before everything begins.

Once your event has started, Mat will perform his full one-hour magic, mind reading, and hypnosis stage show to end on a high note. Or, after the stage presentation, you can have Mat stay “after hours” to astonish your VIP guests.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.11.03

Dates are not placed on hold until a deposit is received. Contact as soon as possible to see if Mat is available for your event. 

Mat LaVore specializes in Corporate Entertainment that is ideal for: 

Special Events

Holiday Parties


Cocktail Parties


Awards Programs

Dinner Parties

Client Appreciation Events


Corporate Events

Read & Watch what others have to say about Mat LaVore 

“Working at the Globe Theatre we see a lot of unexpected things—but this guy is REALLY amazing!”

~Shakespeare Globe Theatre of London  

“Days after our event everyone is STILL talking!” ~Home Depot

“Even shows in Las Vegas absolutely can’t hold a candle to Mat’s show. The BEST PROGRAM we’ve had in our 15 years!”

~College Store Association of North Carolina

“By the end we were all COMPLETELY ASTONISHED and SPEECHLESS. Mat LaVore is a real life magician.” ~ACN

“We were ALL astonished beyond belief. Mat’s show was the BEST OF ALL TIME!”


"Mat was awesome! The shows were a blast and received standing ovations. Bravo! We have had nothing but positive feedback from your appearances." 

~Indianapolis Children's Museum

“Mat’s performance is one that rivals performers you have seen in hotel entertainment in Las Vegas and on television.”

~Bank United

"People were standing up and videoing. We had a fully engaged crowd!"


“On par with anything you’ve seen on television. Mat truly made our event the BEST ONE EVER!”

~Habitat for Humanity  

Past Corporate Audiences Include

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident you will love my services that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with the results of my first performance, let me know and you will not owe me a dime. I will happily return every penny and pay for my own flight back to Indianapolis. That is how confident I am about the quality of my services. That is not a promise many others are willing to make.


561-818-0591 or



I look forward to speaking with you and making your event amazingly entertaining, successful, and fun.



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